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DC Drinkers Are Shotgunning Buckets and Buckets of White Claw [Washingtonian]

“Millennial-friendly Hawthorne on U Street NW is an OG server of spiked cans in D.C., kicking off sales inside and across its rooftop last October.

“When my business partner Fritz Brogan suggested early on we carry these products we kind of rolled our eyes, so he’s definitely getting a chuckle out of this,” says co-owner Reed Landry.

They’re laughing to the bank now, because on a busy night they’re easily selling upwards of 500 White Claw cans available in ruby grapefruit and black cherry flavors (at $7 each, that’s $3,500 in sales).

“And that number that is rapidly increasing,” says Landry, adding its Truly Lime is selling well, too.

Their Mexican-themed sister bars, Mission Navy Yard and Mission Dupont, also offer White Claw’s ruby grapefruit and Truly’s lime. For its first birthday last month, the Navy Yard location sold out.”

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