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Mission Navy Yard Has Millennials In Mind With New Corn Flakes-Laced Dishes [DC Eater]

With its Instagram-ready queso fundido skillet, six new tacos, and giant group cocktails, Mission Navy Yard is ready to woo a younger set inside the 10,000-square-foot restaurant next to Nationals Park.

“Millennials eat with their eyes,” Mission Navy Yard general manager Charlie Idol told Eater. “They see a picture like, they want to have that food. It’s not just about, ‘They made this, they made that,’ it’s the experience attached to what they’re doing and the story.”

Three entrees to watch out for include salmon with red mole, spring onions and potato hash; short ribs with chocolate black mole; and green chicken Milanese encrusted with Corn Flakes and served with Basmati rice.

“I just think that Corn Flakes are more exciting than just bread crumbs,” says Hernández, who who cooked at Miami’s now-shuttered Blue Door at the Delano hotel and Barton G restaurants. “It also results in a more crunchy bite.”

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